Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New Puppy in the Family

Grandma got a new puppy and his name is Otis.
The boys are in LOVE.
We will see what they think of him in a year when he is 100+ lbs heavier then them!

Although we do not have a new dog in our house, the boys did get a new fish,
which they named Blue, like their old fish that passed away a year ago.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Feb. 2013

I know I am bad at updating... but here are a few photos...
Tristan thinking about potty training!

Liam turning 5! He wanted a dump truck party.

Buki Boys with the Beauford kids (my cousins). They love playing together!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Another year gone by...

Time flies by quickly when there are two small ones at home. The year has been crazy and busy.  Liripa spent the summer and fall working hard so that he could graduate with his BS in Business Administration in December.  The kids are growing like crazy.  We had good friends visit us from Wales for a month and then I spent a month home from work sick with thyroid problems.  It has been a busy and CrAzY year... but here are a few snapshots to see how we are doing...

Liripa Buki with the boys: Liam on the left and Tristan on the right.
 Dont I look hot?!?!... beautiful couple Sarah and Liripa Buki (this was the gala I put together for a work fundraiser)
 Liam ready for school to start again.
 Brotherly love!
 Boys are helping daddy hang up the lights.  They could not wait for Christmas!
 Tristan's great big 'cheese' smile.