Friday, November 16, 2007

Goodbye Summer days...

We can't believe how quickly the months are going by and how much we miss the long warm summer days. But it is always fun to remenise. (did i spell that right?) Here are a few pictures and words to show what we did during our summer months in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In June we had a wedding party with all of Flory's family and friends in Bunia. Arn't our flower girls cute!!!

I helped the girls (Charlene and Safi) with dish washing for all our family.

We both helped out at a German relief organisation. They are in food security, which means providing seeds and tools to the poor as well as other food supplies. They also work to rebuild roads so that villages will have better access to markets and supplies from other areas.
We both really loved the work and being able to help so many who were really in need. We also got to see some of the most beautiful countryside in Eastern Congo. The only downside was not realizing how exhausting this work would be when someone is pregnant. We both found out though when Sarah fainted in the middle of nowhere. But it all ended well. A good old fashion bottle of orange fanta got her energy level back up.

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