Friday, June 27, 2008

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Uh Oh!

Daddy was in a car accident yesterday. I am glad that he was not hurt. but we are all sad that the car won't work anymore. It was not Daddy's fault. Someone pulled out and did not see him. I will put some pictures of the car. The tire looks like it is about to fall off and it has a broken axle.

Grandma saw another doctor and she has a cat scan tomorrow. They want to rule out lymphoma.
Here are some pics...
A la African Mommy made me some cool football (soccer) bibs because the velcro ones i had kept scratching my neck. I was not in the modeling mood for this photo...
a day later, i was better..
Here is daddy's car can you see the other guys bumper is in our tire..

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Im a BUSY Boy!

Quick updates on the family. Grandma is still having a hard time. Friday they did a CAT scan and they say her spleen is the size of texas. She will have more testing this week to see if it needs to be removed. Auntie Heather is recovering from her surgery. The pathology reports came back mostly good. All the big lumps were cancer free. They only found one small thing (.5 milameters) that was cancerous. She has an appointment on the 30th of June to see where the doctors want her to go from here.

And now me...
Thank you kL for my shirt. I love pea soup!
Big Thanks to Grandpa Grumpy for buying me an exersauser. I LOVE it. I can't stop spining the toys and looking at everything. I will put some video on soon so you all can see. Mommy had a birthday this week. I loved looking at the candles. Don't worry, I won't be a pyro. Mommy LOVES this picture of me and my first firehat. I got to play in front of the mirror this week. I love looking at that other baby. He makes me smile. :) And this week, I got my first taste of rice cereal. So far so good....or not so good. :) Mommy and Daddy really do not want to ship me off to Africa. not yet, anyways.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Nebraska... oh I mean Iowa

I was so looking forward to my trip to Nebraska. Nicole, Mommy, Daddy and I got in the car and started the trip. We could not wait to see our friends get married. But when we got to Iowa their were signs on almost every road saying "road closed". We stopped to talk to the police and they said we could try to go to the next state, but no guarantees. so we decided to go home instead. Here are some pictures of our trip. We did get to spend the night next to the mississippi river. At least I had a lot of fun with Nicole...
The Mighty Mississippi.
In the hotel room.
I love to grab onto peoples shirts, and I don't let go easily. Here I am playing with Daddy.
Proof that Grandma tortures me... She ruberbanded a wooden spoon to my hand. (So I would not drop it, I enjoyed chewing on the spoon) Grandma said 'at least it was not a metal spoon'
Look at my cute chin.
what an angel!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Let the summer fun begin!

I am so excited for summer to begin. It will be a busy one. This weekend I will have my first road trip to see my friends get married in Nebraska. My Grandma is getting better from her surgery and they think the internal bleeding has stopped. My auntie Heather could use some prayer. She might have surgery by Thursday or Friday to have her thyroid and extra growths removed. No date is set for sure yet though... My grandpa had a crazy night last night. On the way home from work, a tree fell down right in front of him. He swerved off the road. He was lucky he was not hurt. He said that if it had fallen 2 seconds later, or if he had been 2 seconds faster, the tree would have fallen right on him.

without further ado... my pictures

Here I am wearing daddy's shirt. Hanging out with Mommy My first time in the pool.

Hangin out

I LOVE Balloons!!!! Can't get enough!!!

Mommy says I can't watch tv because I am too little. But I know how to sneak in some tv time...

Friday, June 6, 2008

Name Change...

I think we need to change the family name. You can call us the Leakum family. It all started out with our baby Liam, he was having a lot of leaks. EVERYWHERE, It came out his pants, out his mouth and down people's shirts. Then Mommy was having some leaks with milk flying everywhere. Daddy leaks sometimes too (not milk). Well then last week, mommy's car started leaking (crack in radiator) and now daddy's car is leaking as well (front tire). Is there anything that does not leak??? Hopefully we can fix these problems soon...

Grandma is back from the hospital and having a quick recovery from her surgery.

Auntie Heather is still trying to find a doctor who will take out her thyroid sooner than July 17th. Once they take it out, they will be able to test it to see if it is cancerous or not.