Monday, June 9, 2008

Let the summer fun begin!

I am so excited for summer to begin. It will be a busy one. This weekend I will have my first road trip to see my friends get married in Nebraska. My Grandma is getting better from her surgery and they think the internal bleeding has stopped. My auntie Heather could use some prayer. She might have surgery by Thursday or Friday to have her thyroid and extra growths removed. No date is set for sure yet though... My grandpa had a crazy night last night. On the way home from work, a tree fell down right in front of him. He swerved off the road. He was lucky he was not hurt. He said that if it had fallen 2 seconds later, or if he had been 2 seconds faster, the tree would have fallen right on him.

without further ado... my pictures

Here I am wearing daddy's shirt. Hanging out with Mommy My first time in the pool.

Hangin out

I LOVE Balloons!!!! Can't get enough!!!

Mommy says I can't watch tv because I am too little. But I know how to sneak in some tv time...


Beth said...

nOh my gosh Sarah! He's adorable! You need to frame that pool picture...and maybe photoshop a beer in his hand. :)
Call me, doggone it! I want to see you!

melanie. said...

samil used to do that, too. what is it about boys and tv? the trick was though that he would ONLY watch it upside down. if we put in a video for him and he wasn't upside down, he didn't want it.

liam is getting SO big. and handsome. love you!