Thursday, February 28, 2008

2 weeks old

I am growing so big. Mommy and Daddy took me to the doctor and I am already 8lbs 7oz. Everyone tells me that I am a very good boy. I don't cry to much and I like to sing a lot. I sleep a lot too, although Mommy wishes I slept a bit more at night... I just get to hungry and I need a midnight snack. Here are some pictures Mommy and Daddy took of me this week. I got a new hat from my friends at Covenant Point. Daddy is going to the Men's Retreat next weekend and I was very upset when Mommy told me that I had to stay home with her and could not go with Daddy. Peek-a-boo!
Daddy likes me in my cool Army clothes.Uncle Matt is already trying to teach me all about the world of remote controls, PS2, computers and any other type of electronic games and toys...Here I am in a cool outfit from my friends the Coopers and the hat and blankets were made for me by my Great Grandma Beckstrom. Don't I look cute in blue???

Saturday, February 23, 2008

1 week old already!

We have been busy this first week, making memories and watching Liam grow. Here are some highlights of our first few days at home... Arts and Crafts! Liam did fingerprints and footprints and got himself quite dirty in the process. :)
Liam loves to be held and to cuddle with his Papa.
Milk is very serious business and it must not go to waste!
Liam got all dressed up for his first doctors appointment. Everything looks great and he is already back to his birth weight. As previously mentioned, Liam will not waste any milk. :).

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Liam's Arrival

On February 15th at 7:29pm we welcomed
LIAM MUGAVU BUKI to the world.
He weighed 7lbs 10oz.
and 20 in. long

Sending you lots of love and kisses from baby Liam!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines!

Liam says "Happy Valentines Day" to all his friends. He says he can't wait to meet everyone. At our Dr. visit today he was very active but says it is too cold to come out now. We will see the dr again on Monday unless Liam decides he is ready to show up sooner.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Almost here...

Sunday my sister put together a great baby shower for us. It was great to see all our friends again and we had a lot of fun playing games and eating lots of good food and cake. :). We got lots of great gifts and now I think we are ready for baby to come. Flory finished making Liam's bed this morning and I have been driving him crazy with my need to organize and get things ready BEFORE the baby comes instead of AFTER. I guess the women in Africa don't prepare much before hand and he is not understanding the 'nesting' stage I am in. But he is handling it well.
Here are some of Liam's new friends, waiting to welcome him to his crib. Below Blake and Flory try to guess how big is that big round belly...

Kerry, Vanessa and Beth put on an award winning dirty diaper on Nicole.
Jodi is not so sure about the baby food tasting contest.

Yesterday morning we were at the doctor and I had been hoping that we would be induced or something, but he thinks the baby is too big and doubts he will even drop, so... he says we will wait until 39 weeks and then see what to do next. He sounds like he really thinks a c-section will be best for us instead of putting the baby at risk. So I think we might have another week at least unless baby decides to try to come on his own. We will be ready for him whenever he does come.
Sarah and the Shaw Girls

Friday, February 8, 2008

Feeling good.

So as previously mentioned, we are already at 38 weeks. We were supposed to do another high level ultrasound today but the dr. was sick. They sent us to a new place instead with a lower level ultrasound and a tech. The guy says that Liam is looking good. We saw his perfect little heart beating and we saw the movements of his chest as he practiced some breathing. And the great news is that he does not think Liam has reached the 10lb mark yet. He was measuring around 41 weeks, and 9lbs 1oz. So that sounds like a do-able weight for me. We have a dr. appointment on monday so we will see what the dr. says then. :)

Did everyone vote on tuesday? I did and I got a sticker...but it fell off my coat before i could show it off. According to our poll, seems like most people who visit our blog wanted Obama to win. It is a close race. What do you guys think of Obama and Clinton running together as Pres and VP???

Thursday, February 7, 2008

38 weeks today!

The time sure goes by quickly. We have been busy with all the last minute preparations for Liam's arrival. Flory has been working many hours trying to save up for all those diapers and Sarah has been washing lots of laundry. Liam has been practicing his kicking and squirming and is getting quite good at it. :) We have been showered with many gifts of love lately and we feel really blessed. Liam is going to be one spoiled baby. Below are some pics of my big basketball tummy, and a gift that my friend Vanessa made for me. I love it!