Friday, February 8, 2008

Feeling good.

So as previously mentioned, we are already at 38 weeks. We were supposed to do another high level ultrasound today but the dr. was sick. They sent us to a new place instead with a lower level ultrasound and a tech. The guy says that Liam is looking good. We saw his perfect little heart beating and we saw the movements of his chest as he practiced some breathing. And the great news is that he does not think Liam has reached the 10lb mark yet. He was measuring around 41 weeks, and 9lbs 1oz. So that sounds like a do-able weight for me. We have a dr. appointment on monday so we will see what the dr. says then. :)

Did everyone vote on tuesday? I did and I got a sticker...but it fell off my coat before i could show it off. According to our poll, seems like most people who visit our blog wanted Obama to win. It is a close race. What do you guys think of Obama and Clinton running together as Pres and VP???

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Me in full plate and unshaven... said...

First of all our country is too bacakward, and hurt from the previous Clinton to want that to happen, and besides when Hilary gets the nod, she should take the Governor of New Mexico as her VP. Then put put John Edwards in the Att. General Spot Boo yah!