Saturday, April 19, 2008

Update on us.

The Buki family is alive and well. Liam had his 2 month appointment last Tuesday and the doctor said he is growing fine. She was impressed with the way he held up his head like a 3 or 4 month old would do. He came in at 13lbs 4oz, and he has grown up as well, 22.5 in. He was very brave when he got his three shots. He has a little bit of a cold, which he has been kind enough to share with mommy and daddy.
Our good news and praise for the day: Liam just rolled over for the first time today from tummy to back. He did it twice and it really took a lot of energy so he is taking a nap with daddy. Our other good news is that Flory has been offered a new job as the Warehouse Coordinator at the hospital where Liam was born. He is scheduled to start in one week and excited about all the new responsibilities and the fact that he no longer needs to work night shift! Yipee!
Prayer requests:
-for all of us to get over these colds
-Flory still needs to get a CDL
-Sarah is still job hunting

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