Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Springfield, IL

Well, I sure am moving around a lot and that means that I sometime find myself in little predicaments... Here I got stuck under my exersaucer and instead of rescuing me fast, Mommy had to get my picutre first. I was not happy!Here are some other pictures from a recent trip to Springfield, IL. We went to New Salem Village where Abraham Lincoln used to live. I really liked the horses.Here we are, three generations... I got to go swiming in the hotel pool but was so cold when I got out that I got to warm up for a couple minutes in the hot tub with Mommy and Daddy. Such fun!
Life is grand when you have a king size bed all to yourself!
Here we are, two families. The Lincolns and the Bukis I love getting kisses from Daddy!
Family picture on the steps of the Old State Capitol

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Anonymous said...

I can imagine the fun on your vacation trip through your post.