Thursday, January 8, 2009

Seattle Washington

Greetings everyone from Seattle Washington!!!  I am here with Mommy and Daddy to visit some of our family. I LOVED being on the airplane. My favorite part was the landing which made me laugh.  It is kinda chilly in Seattle, but I like all the big trees. Here is a picture of us at Pikes Place.
This is a picture of my Great Aunt Colleen and I. She makes me laugh.
Here I am with my Great Grandma Beckstrom.  She makes me smile too! And I am proud to meet her.
Here we are on the ferry boat on the way to Seattle.  I loved the boat. Daddy saw a sea lion. I got to see the mountains.  It was so fun!
more to come...


The Cooper Family said...

I LOVE IT!!! Oh how I wish I were there with you all. I'm so glad that you got an opportunity to get to Pike's Market. (one of my favorites). Enjoy! Miss you.
Uncle Ryan

hbu said...

Omigosh! You know Hannah and I are both out here right? How long are you in town? We'd love to see you! Email me at my gmail if you have time!