Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cutting costs

So the ladies at www.moneysavingmom.com try to post what they bought and how much they saved in their shopping trips. Here is the one my sister and I did tonight at Jewel.We used lots of coupons, buying things that were only on sale. We got a huge bag of carrots, 16 drumsticks, 3 air sprays, 2 cake mixes and 3 frostings, 10 Dannon yogurts, 4 baby food, 1 Earthgrain bread, 1 anytizer, 1 simple harvest snack bar box, 1 true delight snack bar box, 1 quacker fiber bar box, 1 tostinos pizza puffs, 6 lean cuisine meals, 1 hot pocket meal, 2 bottles of chocolate milk, 1 reusable grocery bag, and a pack of schick disposable razors.
so that is a lot of stuff, right? It should have cost us $88.... but with our savy shopping and coupon cutting, we paid $47.78. A total savings of $40.25!! I still think we could have done better but not too bad in any case. What do you think?


BusyMom said...

Good job. It's amazing how with a little planning you can save a lot of money.

Sarah said...

Great first try! And it gets easier! At first you spend quite some time figuring things out, but then you get a hang of it, and you keep on saving more and more! Keep up the good work!