Tuesday, March 24, 2009

my big walgreens steal last week

How much would you pay for all these items above??? Well, can you guess how much I paid??? Would you have guessed that it is possible that I paid 80 cents for all this??? Well it is!
Last week at Walgreens I scored big. Between coupons and rebates I got
Listernine Mouth wash
Reach tooth brush
Reach dental floss
2 Reeses candy bars
1 Trident gum
1 Walgreens brand Peanuts and 1 Walgreens granola mix
1 Brownie mix
1 nutra pals bar
and a box of Kleenex
and to make good things even better. I paid 80 cents out of pocket but I also got $6.00 back in register rewards! Thank you Walgreens!

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The Craigs said...

You are so thrifty, teach me your ways!