Monday, May 11, 2009

Liam's night out

Friday he had a runny nose. Saturday he woke up with a cough and throughout the day his breathing got harder and heavier. So around 7pm we took him to the ER to be checked out. They have him a nebulizer and did an xray that came back clear, but his breathing had not improved very much so they admitted him for the night. By noon on Sunday his breathing was better so they sent us home and told us to see our pedi on monday. Our pedi said it was probably just a virial infection, but that he also has a double ear infection, so Liam is on some antibiotics now and hopefully he will be better soon.Yes I am wearing a diaper on my arm...If I can't see an IV line, then I don't know it is there...
I think im starting to feel better, can we go home now??? Playing in bed.
Anyone want some extra O2? Makes ya smile! :)

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Cary Hairbows said...

Liam is a sweet little guy! He makes being admitted to the hospital look like an absolute adventure. As a nurse, I realize that is not true,but he does it with such grace and pleasure! :) Bless his heart--he is PRECIOUS!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I clicked on your link, and I am so glad I did. Liam made my day. I hope he is recovered and feeling better. HUGS!