Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Museum Science and Industry

I think I am just about caught up with photos now! Here is from the last few days. Playing outside in a girly pull up diaper.and pushing a stroller.
Why is mommy making me stand next to this pumpkin just for a lame photo?
Riding the trolly in the Museum of Science and Industry
Next to the trains. Liam really had a great time this day!
This was his favorite area, learning about energy, watching Daddy pedal the bike to make the water spill out!
Water gun!
and a vacuum that takes the balls up up up and away!!!
takin a short break from playing so hard!
LOVED driving the tractors!

The elephant was cool, but the lights shining on the floor were even better.
Yes, I am a clown sometimes.
Funny mirrors.

The submarine was a BIG boat, very cool.
Cute smile. cute kid.
always on the phone.
Liam taking Lucky for a walk.Lucky taking Liam for a walk.


Eli's Lids said...

How much fun!! That museum looks very little kid friendly.
I love the pushing stroller shot... Eli loves Cora's stroller too! It is a crack up!!

Alisa said...

So Adorable! He looks like he had a blast at the museum.