Sunday, December 27, 2009

Joyeux Noel with the Buki family

Granna got Liam some Potato head buddies and some home made slippers which he promptly donned and then walked outside by himself and jumped in a puddle with them.Opening up some cool books from the Coopers!
Hanging out with Aunt Shanell
Opening my Stocking. Thank you Santa!!!
So cute, don't you think?
Mommy and Daddy got me some tools which I will use to fix up our new house.

I love being outside!
Getting ready to go out.Look at how I sleep in my bed! How silly!
Liam likes to hide in small places lately. Loves to sit in laundry baskets... and his toy basket too.

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melanie. said...

sorry, sarah, i thought i emailed you. my mind is frazzled at the holidays! we did get it, and it was absolutely hilariously packaged. it was this HUGE box with tons of brown paper and the puzzle on the bottom. HA. i'd say, the company has good stuff, but needs to work on their packaging skills!