Sunday, April 18, 2010

Uncle Matt and Aunt Shanell

Uncle Matt and Aunt Shanell's wedding. We had a blast!
Liam keeping the windows clean...
Liam and Aunt Shanell
Liam got dressed in the car on the way there...
Hair getting done.
Aunt Heather is crazy!
Walking with Daddy
Liam danced the ENTIRE night!
What a beautiful wedding!
Stealing kisses from the bride on her wedding day!
Family photo... mommy got her hair chopped off!


Beth said...

I LOVE your short hair... SO cute!

sweetpea08 said...

Cute pics! Just wanted to say thanks for the great giveaway (I won the Fruit2o Giveaway) and I'm so excited! I emailed you back! Thanks again!

Nancy said...

Love the haircut Sarah! And Liam licking the glass- totally like my Henry!