Thursday, July 24, 2008


Just to let you all know that Liam was a real trooper for his surgery. He looked so cute in the hospital gown and socks. It was hard for mommy when they took him away but when the brought him back he gave her a big smile. He is recovering well, sleeping a lot and enjoying the doctor recommend two baths per day. I think he misses being able to sit in his exersaucer.


Christina said...

What a cute baby!!!

ninifee said...

Oh - why Liam had a surgery? I hope it was not to bad? Hope he is getting well.

I read the article about you and your husband. What a interesting love story.

ninifee from bavaria

Amydeanne said...

what a handsome little man! He's just gorgeous. Glad he's recovering well from surgery!

CanCan said...

Poor little guy. :(

Poor Mommy, too.