Friday, June 26, 2009

Uncle Daniel and Aunt Kim's wedding

Random photos from a busy, fun and beautiful day. Key things that will be memorable forever...
1. Liam didnt want to wait in the pew and had Mommy hold him up front for a while until he decided to get down and examine the flowers on the floor. Aunt Tracey then took him out when he took a quick nap.
2. The flower girl finished her job and then stood in her spot, changed her mind and went back to add more flowers. cute.
3. the unity candle was successfully lit - twice.
4. the bride choose beautiful table center pieces at the reception with candles, which came in handy while eating dinner in the dark. a quick storm came thru and took out the power for at least 45 min.
5. due to power issues, the first dance was done twice- once by violins, and then redone with their song when the power came back.
6. Uncle Matt's best man speech ended with "May the wind be at your back, the sun shine on your face and the ups and downs between the sheets." He is always full of jokes!

Here is the wedding party.
The Mr. and Mrs...
On his hands and knees....
trying to catch the lights reflecting on the floor with Miss. Gabrielle.
Grandpa, Uncle Matt, Aunt Shanell and Aunt Heather taking a drinking break.
Daddy really liked kissing Mommy this day...
This is the same church where Mommy and Daddy got married. Such a beautiful service. There were tears in both the bride AND groom's eyes.
Here is Liam checking out the flowers. Note the nice yellow ball he held in his hands the whole time. A lot better then the bright pink shopping cart he was pushing around earlier.
Daddy snaped this one. He thought it was going to be a terrible photo, but I think it turned out quite nice!
Well, we tried to take a nice family photo...
We wish you all the best Uncle Daniel and Aunt Kim!!!

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kelsey. said...

i LOVE the one he took of you! you look beautiful! and the one of you guys smoochin in back is ohsosweet.