Thursday, July 2, 2009

toddl'in into the toddler years

Liam is getting fast these days. And we love watching him learn and discover new things. Just tonight he was having a grand ol time spinning in circles and then falling on the floor. We are also starting to adjust to the new diet. We miss things every once in awhile and then he starts coughing again. but we are getting better and instead of daily nebulizer treatments, they are maybe once a week now! Here is Liam's first non-dairy, egg free pizza. He LOVED it. The bacon cheese was his fav, cheese was good too, not a big fan of the veggie pizza though. I made them on corn tortillas with a dairy free mozzerella, it sorta feels like tofu... but looks impressive, don't you think?Don't turn your back for a minute. Here is Harley, surrounded by an empty box of ziploc bags and all the bags scattered on the floor. and no, it was not the dog who took them out of the cabinet...
Playing bball with daddy
watching cartoons with grandma

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