Sunday, May 16, 2010

Brookfield Zoo

We had such a fun time going to the Zoo on Friday. Here are some pictures of all the fun! Liam watching the gorillas eat salad for lunch.

Liam wanted to see everything! When he got to the Penguins he kept on saying "Happy Feet"

Watching the fishes and penguins swimming...

Our very own baby kangaroo!

Loved the hippo and was doing a 'hippo dance' for everyone.

Its hard work to see everything! Very exhausting!

Liam and Daddy watching the Lions. Roar!!!

Chasing the birds, but not the geese because they might bite!

The Children's Zoo was fun. Liam loved petting the goats!
Watching the chickens. cluck cluck!It was such a long day! He was asleep the minute his butt hit the car seat!

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Dee said...

The zoo is such a great place for pictures! Your little man is so super cute!