Friday, August 22, 2008

Out and about

I was weighed in yesterday... 19 lbs. and I am already 26.25 in. I am growing fast and learning a lot. Still no teeth but I think they will come soon because I keep waking up at night and can't fall asleep anymore. I am cooing and babbeling a lot and sometimes if I am on my tummy, I push up my butt in preparation for crawling!!! Look out world, Here I Come!!!
Here I am helping mommy out in the garden.
Dosent it look good?
Look how tall our sunflowers have grown! I love my kisses from Daddy! I got my first high chair.
And look, I can get my toes in my mouth all by myself!

I was playing with some leftover tulle from Jill and Blakes wedding.

1 comment:

kevin and linnea said...

when are you going to bring your beautiful family up to the UP?
how about the upcoming women's retreat? :)